deal of the day: ‎iOS offline navigation

currently for free, Anchor Pointer in Apple App Store

“Anchor Pointer: The navigation app that Apple should buy” – Financial Review, may 2016

Anchor Pointer

just Set an anchor to mark your location and give you a direction to your saved location easily and fastly within, apple watch support

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offline is the new online

offline is the new online

in times like always connected, it could happen – no connection – no fear, here are apps with offline functionality to bridge with

google_mapsgoogle maps – download areas and maps offline, others, here


spotifyspotify – offline music in flight mode, required premium subscription


amazon_kindleamazon kindle – ebooks pay it, download it, read it offline


podcastspocket casts – hundreds of thousands of podcasts offline


feedmefeedme – rss reader app, get all your news offline



one note – notes offline and synced online



lastpass – password store and manager with offline functionality


tripadvisor tripadvisor – travelling offline, hotels, flights or city guides



pocket – import articles to read it later – offline


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