change apk verion code (work in progress)

disclaimer: this is neither a supported guide nor allowed, i’m not suitable for any loss


we want to republish the old app with a new version, e.g. an app got accidentally updated from playstore and isn’t working anymore – this was raised in a business case since google’s auto block update feature failed – more or less a challange to find a way to get it back working, let’s begin

the app

coose your desired app, in this example Avaya Workplace app available from Google PlayStore in version:

we need to get the apk file of that app, extract/download with one of the service below

OnDevice Apk Extractor

Online apkpure


use apktool to reverse engineer the apk, extract and decode the resources to nearly original format, download required jre for java here

change verison

to change the version of the app, edit the apktool.yml in the extracted path, raise the “versionCode” as well the “versionName” above the last/current release


after the change we need to rebuild the decompiled and edited apk

apktool build $OUTPUT_FOLDER

sign and align

there is a tool Uber Apk Signer that helps signing, zip aligning and verifying Android application packages (APKs), you need a keystore generated with Android Studio or keytool

java -jar c:\temp\uber-apk-signer.jar -a "C:\temp\avaya.3.14_neu.apk" --ks /path/release.jks --ksAlias my_alias


App info 
App name 
App version 
APK name 
Installation source 
Installation time 
Last update source 
Last update time 
Avaya Workplace FA-RE 
Package installer 
2021/01/05 1 
Package installer 
2021/01/05 1

install successfully, the newly installed version is above the original 3.14.x, deploy the app to the required devices, either manually, via EMM system or solutions like Samsung KNOX Configure

update is not possible, wenn try to install the app over an existing one – it fails – since the signature differs from orginal signed app to resigned version

reference “with a changed signature they will have to uninstall the current app before they can install the same app with the new signature”

Summary: Always use the same signature!



… so walked amost the entire way, but got stuck at a crutial point, so either

  • got assistance to get the signature working
  • the signing process is as secure as google promise

apple, technology

iOS13 just released, but already updated

…with some interesting festures:

  • share ETA in maps
  • dynamic wallpapers
  • icon of volume slide

even for enterprise mobility there is some interesing festure, with iOS13.1 it’s possible to silently update an App, it will close, update and continue in kiosk/single app-mode.

more about apple developer beta at

or read about how to downgrade beta
innovation, technology

progressive web apps

progressive web apps (pwa) getting more popular due to their ability to send push notifications – provide offline content and add to homescreen – no need to install pwa, improve functionallity above browsers with less costs compared to apps – load faster than web – enhanced conversion – scroll 60 frames per second

@google developers training

test your browser online, the featureset differs a lot between mobile platform and browser-  compatibility estimated by

2015 a chrome developer coined progressive web app, adopted by apple and even windows 10 joined as well

Some good examples what pwa’s can do and how already using it:

how to deal with acceleated mobile pages (amp) in times of pwa, how to choose between faster loading or offline functionality, it’s possible to combine both like washington post

read more: acceleated mobile pages

in an enterprise perspective it is about how to deploy applications, with mdm it is quite easy to push an app to a device, even silent installation is possible with android enterprise or apple vpp…

…but pwa’s aren’t that apps anymore and there is no api to remote set homescreen icon