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appstore recap

overall groth about 35% – apple nearly double google – worldwide revenue almost $60 billion



app reports of sensortower or app annie privde rankings, reviews, and research – they discover the app stores to analyse market trends, based on downloads and revenue – they provide intelligence to monetize your app or improve marketing


anual reports of apple and google (alphabet) is about the entire companys earnings, but the app store a critical indicator, please note that $ are in millions – apple is going to waive its $99 developer fee for government and nonprofit apps in the u.s. in early 2018 @macrumor – there is no equivalent at google play – app ecosystems und guideline created to guarantee continuous income and growth of app store – both earn 15 percent for in-app purchase, was cut from 30% last year @theverge


bypassing the app store is possible – jailbroken ios devices are able to access cydia store to install un-allowed apps, mods and themes, but interest decrease since growing distribution of android, improve of apple’s security and more features of native ios


wechat a chat service of tencent (china’s biggest internet company by market value) bypass app store through mini program inside like mobile payment, restaurant finder


enterprise got the choice – in-house apps to distribute own-developed apps to emm managed devices – b2b apps from developer published via apple vpp or managed google play


app reputation / mobile threat detection used to secure you enterprise devices with sensitive apps and data inside – services like appthority or appvisory analyse apps in a security perspective – your management system can define policies, bases on this analytics to protect against suspicious apps


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